Second hand clothes and lives on the verge of point zero have intersected. Most of the clothes seemed unfit to meet their daily needs. Just like the clothes that are hung in the closet but never used, just like “ stranger in the house”.
These people were unwanted and they drifted from this street to another. We shot their photos on the streets they took refuge in. When we met later on, Ipek told us that hung those second hand clothes on the walls of her single poor room apartment. Then I learned that she sold them all for alcohol. That reminded me of the “matchstick girl”.
One of them, I heard, had died. Because of the “cold” they said. Freezing to death was the biggest fear for those who lived on the street.
Most of the people I showed these photos to say: “ We know these people.” They were the ones we saw everyday but ignored. They were the ones we recognized but pretended they didn’t exist. They were the people whose number kept growing in the current political structure of our world.