Nazan Azeri

1989-1993   Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Painting, Undergraduate Degree  
Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences, Graduate Degree with her thesis titled
“First Women Painters in the Westernization Movements in Turkey” .
Marmara University Institute of Fine Arts, Doctorate Degree with her thesis titled
Playfulness in Fine Arts: Renaissances-Dada-Surrealism”.
“She curated and took part in the “Transformation” exhibition, consisting of the works of artists
Using photography in their works with the invitation of IFSAK.
1998 Associate Professor at Beykent University’s Faculty of Fine Arts.
 2010   “Unnamed”  CDA Projects ,İstanbul,  
 2009   “That Which Can Not Cover ”, Karşı Art Works, Istanbul  
 1998   “Apples of Heaven” Exhibition, Altanay Art House, Ankara  
“To Play with or A Doll’s House” National Gallery of Fine Arts, Beyoğlu, Istanbul.
 1995   To Settle / Not to Settle, performance, Istanbul  
 1994   An exhibition within the Scope of the 31st Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Antalya Museum  
 2018   ODTU Art 19, Culture and Convention Center, Ankara
 2017   “Taşınma” , İTU Taşkışla, İstanbul
 2017   "The Woman in the Corner", Kare Art Gallery, Curator Denizhan Özer, İstanbul  
 2017   ODTÜ Art 18, ODTÜ Cultur and Congress Center, Ankara  
 2016   ”Unexpected Territories”, Asfalt Art Gallery, Curator: Ezgi Bakçay, 26. Tüyap Artist Art Fair, Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, İstanbul  
 2016   “ART01 Adana Contemporary Art Meetings” Curator: Ezgi Bakçay, Hiltonsa, Adana  
 2016   “Meeting 2”, Görsav, CKM, İstanbul  
 2016   “Meeting II”, CKM, Istanbul-Turkey2016: Silent Dialogs, Asfalt Art Gallery, Istanbul-Turkey  
 2015   Tuyap Art FAir2015: 1. Adana Art Fair, Hilton Hotel, Curator: Ezgi Bakçay, Adana-Turkey  
 2014   "Cite Specific"  "-1  Sanat Galerisi" İstanbul  
 2013   Meeting, Ortaköy  Kültür Merkezi,  İstanbul  
 2013   Tüyap Art Fair  
 2012   Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair  
 2012   “Who’s Gone and What’s Left Behind” Plevne, Ankara  
 2012   “Residing at Kadıköy-Together and Independent II” , Asfalt Asfalt Art Gallery-İstanbul  
 2012   "Caution: Woman!" Ekavart gallery İstanbul, Gaziantep, Mersin  
 2012   "Reality Terror" Depo, Mars,  Asfalt Art Gallery  
 2012   "Residence Kadıköy", Piha  Kollektif, Kadıköy  
 2011   "Are You Alive?" Asfalt Art Gallery, İstanbul  
 2011   “RHM Foundation Contemporary Artists 30th Anniversary Akbank Sanat, Contemporary İstanbul Art Fair  
 2011   “Under the Mattress”, Arte Sanat  Galerisi, İstanbul  
 2011   “Partnership Status”,  Adatepe - Çanakkale  
 2011   İstanbul Summer Exhibition, Antrepo , İstanbul  
 2010 -2011   “Contraviolencias”, San sebastian Koldo Mitxelena  Cultural Centre, Cultural Centre Sanotra in the Balearic İslands in Menorca, Mahon and Ciutadella İbiza and  Palma de Mallorca.  
 2010   Salon İstanbul of Underdox, Munih, Germany  
 2010   Contemporary Art Gallery, Istanbul.  
 2010   5. International photo biennial exhibition “Tashkenthale-2010, Tashkent, Uzbekistan  
 2010   ”Relief Walve/The New Agrarian Centre”, ABD.  
 2009   “İstanbul Next Wave” Akademie der Künste,  Pariser Platz, Berlin, Germany  
 2009   53. İnternational art exhibition of the Venice Biennial/ Gettovilion  
 2009   “Made in Arnheim” , Arnheim, Hollanda  
 2008   “Multiple Connections”, Istanbul, Vienna.  
 2008   1st Çanakkale Biennale, Çanakkale  
 2008   Marmara University’s “Designers of the Last 50 Years, Artists of the Last 50 Years” Exhibition, CKM, Istanbul  
 2007   “Adana Biennale”, Turkey.  
 2007   “Time to See”, Gallery Eskonsept, Istanbul  
 2007   “Border Line”, Çanakkale - Turkey  
 2007   “Caravansary” Karşı Art Works, Istanbul  
“Tashkent Photography Biennale, Photography House, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
 2006   ”Medicine/ Gender/Abjection”, Arttransponder, Berlin, Germany.  
 2006   “September 12: 26th Anniversary Activities”, The Tobacco Warehouse, Istanbul  
“Life and Blind Fate” Karşı Art Works, Istanbul
 2005   “Mystery Time” Çankaya Art Gallery, Ankara  
 2005   “Dragging”, A billboard for the 22nd Congress of the International Union of Architects, Istanbul  
 2005   “This is For You”50 Artist 50 Works, Istanbul Modern Arts Gallery, Istanbul  
 2005   “1st Festival of Electronic Media of Rio de Janeiro”, Telemar Culture Center, Brazil  
 2005   “Extreme lives”, Kadife Street, Istanbul  
 2004   “Transformasion” Artists are invited by İfsak 20th Istanbul Photography Days, Darphane-i Amire, Istanbul  
 2004   “Turkish Delight” - 27 April 2004’ Video Art Display, Rio Museum de Arte Moderna, Brazil  
 2003   “Families Only” Karşı Art Works, Istanbul  
 2003   “The 22nd Contemporary Artists Istanbul Exhibition” Aksanat, Istanbul  
 2003   “3rd Performance Days / Good, Bad, Ugly”, Bilgi University, Istanbul  
 2003   “Videoist” Kargart, Gallery X, Istanbul  
 2003   “Mayhem” Kargart Galeri, İstanbul  
 2003   “The Situation/Internal Reflections” UPSD Exhibition, Kadir Has University, Cibali Campus  
 2003   “Parallel Time: Asian Contemporary Art – From the China Sea to the Mediterranean Sea”, Hang Zhou - China  
 2001   “Guests” Gallery Keramos, Istanbul  
 2000   “Dream, Ego, Vision I-II” Galatea Art Gallery, Istanbul  
 2000   “References,” Yıldız Technical University, Yüksel Sabancı Art Center, Istanbul  
 2000   The “Collective Work” Exhibition in Memory of Ruhi Su, AKM, Istanbul  
“Art Fair” Engraving Exhibition, Marmara University, Acıbadem, Istanbul
“National Engraving Exhibition, Arts and Sculpture Museum”, Ankara
“Of Us and Them: 14th Engravings Exhibitions”, TEM Art Gallery, Istanbul
 1998   İş Bankası Engravings Exhibitions, Ankara  
 1997   “A Gaze Inside”, AKM, Istanbul  
 1996-1999   “Encounters” I, II, III, IV Istanbul, Ankara, Cyprus  
 1995   Esbank, 12th Yunus Emre Exhibition, İstanbul-Eskişehir  
 1994   Fax Art Exhibition, Heidelberg Castle, Germany  
Ayşe-Ercüment Kalmuk Foundation (award), Osman Hamdi Hall, Istanbul
1992:Young Talents Exhibition, Sadberg Hanım Museum, Istanbul