"My Mother's Wedding Dress-Colors"-2018

Nazan AZERİ, in her works titled “My Mother’s Wedding Dress/Colors”, establishes a discourse over her own mother’s wedding dress, making a reference to the black and white paintings exhibited at her “My Mother’s Wedding Dress - That Which Cannot Cover - 2008” exhibition and her video artwork of the same title. The artist hands back its colors to “Her Mother’s Wedding Dress”. The form of the wedding dress turns into a metaphor for establishing a different time-space. The colors that fills it up paint the life forms detached from it, the sky and the emptiness. The forms that seem to appear and then turn into something else intertwine, pulling the colors into themselves, and gain a new meaning together with the lines, spots and the emptiness. The forms and emptiness on the surface of the painting gain a movement through line-spot-color on vertical, horizontal and depth planes.